Side by Side 

KZ 1000 turbo cafe 

Took on this to build just a nice simple cafe racer went to full engine rebuild and tossing a little turbo on it 


Custom cages start at 1200 for side by sides lead times always change depending on other builds going on


Taking the shop jeep and always doing something to it, we can modify any and every aspect of a jeep

Can Am X3 Max

32in tensor, bulk head gusset kit, custom cage, roof rack, tire carrier, gps, pci radio set up, and tons of other upgrades to make this one hell of a pre runner arond the Las Vegas area

Shock adjustment (SxS)

We do the right adjustment on factory fox shocks out of the box these shocks are decent but can be adjusted to make a huge difference, We offer a quick same day adjustment service

Jeep Swap

Started as just an engine swap and turned into frame engine and everything else in between

Can Am X3 and Max exhaust  

Full 3in stainless exhaust system, tig welded and custom pie cut. Lightweight, better performance, and custom look. Package deals will include custom tune from aftermarket assassins and full system and can also include intake, charge tube, and BOV

Our Projects